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What's New?

This is what's new - the "What's New" page...

Things are getting more and more complex - as I develop more of the appendices, I'm finding that updates, revisions, and additions are harder and harder to keep track of. And, I figured that if I'm having trouble keeping up, so will everybody else. So, I'm going to start adding to this page as things change. As a "bonus" (oh boy!), I'm also going to add a brief description of what's coming (and possibly when)...

Date Posted                 Description                                        Note

7/12/2015  Appendix XXXII - Jesus & Chalcis             Finally! Almost done with the Batanea addition

2/1/2011    Appendix XIII - The Jewish Temple           Five of them! (I worked to keep it short)

6/8/2012    Posted Appendix 29 - Era Notes                First Draft

6/8/2012    Posted Appendix 28- Priesthood                First Draft

6/8/2012    Posted Appendix 27 - Sacred Treasures       First Draft

6/8/2012    Posted Appendix 26 - The Nozerim            First Draft

4/6/2011    Part IV                                                       First Draft

3/21/2011   Appendix XVII - Ancient Writings             Early work

3/21/2011   Appendix XVIII - Onias                             First Draft

3/09/2011   Preview - Part Three of the Book               First Draft

 3/03/2011   Author's Notes and revision Notes           Where things stand, issues, questions.

3/03/2011   Preview - Part Two of the Book                "Second draft" (new formatting)

2/21/2011   Preview - Part One of the Book                 Now on "second draft" - major changes!











Coming up:

6/8/12: I haven't been keeping up with postings to the website (sorry). The appendices posted today represent unexpected additional content and research and have taken considerable time. Additional story work will be posted soon - it needed to wait on the research. Additional changes (suggested by friends and reviewers) have been made and an updated book posting is in the works.

2/21/11: Since I have re-formatted and shifted content (as part of the second draft), I have plenty of work to do on the remaining completed writing. But the new stuff is much more readable, fluid, and complete. I keep finding new sources that offer significant content and feel compelled to incorporate such into the work. I recently finished "From Joshua to Caiaphas" by James VanderKam and found it very informative and amazingly well researched. I'm currently reading "Cleopatra: A Life" by Stacy Schiff and find it both enjoyable and informative. While not directly related to An Amazing Life, the historical context is relevant. 

I continuously add content to the Appendicies and will post those changes to the web soon.

2/1/11: I have a bunch of notes regarding "Places" that I've had on my desk to finish "The Jewish Temple". So, I'm going to organize some of those and update "Appendix XV - Places". I should have it ready in a couple of weeks, although it won't be finished until the rest of the book is done (as I will add places of interest as we go). I'm anxious to get back to the story as new ideas come to mind, but having my facts straight is the immediate priority. I keep finding great new sources and other relevant items of interest; I picked up "The Alexandria Letter" (By Dr. George Honig) and just had to read it before continuing. (Reviews at Amazon and Rich Writings).

3/3/11: Moving on to Part Three (reformatting and finishing the "second draft"). 

3/9/11: Compiling Part Four. I have less of the writing completed, so it will take longer than 1-3.

4/1/11: Appendix XIV updated. 

4/6/11: On to Part V. First draft to be published around May 15th.


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