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An Amazing Life: Jesus and the Nozerim  

Author's Notes and Revision Notes

After a major change in structure, the book is now three books. I simply had far too much content to fit into one book (with appendices), so I've re-worked the historical and background material that were appendices and have produced "Jesus in Context". The material was essential for me to write the story and I had originally thought it would fit as ancillary material within the story ("Jesus and the Nozerim"). But, as you'll see, there are about 650 pages in the supporting book. Besides, from an historical perspective, that material has merit on its own. The reviewer edition of Book One is now in distribution and an online copy is available [here]

The original book (now Book Two), has kept growing and is also too long. I had intended to include an "epilogue" which outlined what happened after the crucifixion, but as I developed it, I found it was either going to be short and incomplete or complete and too long to include with Book Two. Thus, there will bee a Book Three - "After Jesus". It will continue the story that ends Book Two (with Jesus' trial and crucifixion) by retelling that ending with added detail and a different perspective.  Instead of focusing upon Jesus, it will focus upon the events surrounding his death and follow his followers as they attempt to honor Jesus and his mission. Then, the book will turn to historical narrative and analyze the corruption which became "Christianity" and the division of the early Christian churches.

As far as a "progress report" might be informative, I'd say...

1. Book One (parts 1-3) is about 95% complete and will be ready for publication by summer (2014).

2. Book Two is 75% complete (with parts 1-7 of 8 and the appendices written) and should be ready to publish late in 2014.

3. Book Three is 30% complete and should be completed in 2015.

I can't say thanks often enough to those who continue to offer support, encouragement, and effort to make these books better. THANKS!

RVW (Dec. 2013)

Please let me know if you have comments about or corrections for this web site or its content.


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