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An Amazing Life: Jesus and the Nozerim

Appendix XXIX Glossary of People

This separate glossary is included for your convenience. It includes only historical figures (not characters created for the story as in Appendix XIV). Much of the information here is included in other Appendices, but is sometimes scattered. For the major figures, there are separate Appendices with much more detail: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, James the Just, and John the Baptist have their own Appendices and the Family of Jesus is the subject of Appendix IX. The Apostles and Disciples are included in Appendix XXIII, the High Priests are placed in historical context within Appendix VII, and the Herod is the focus of Appendix XXIV. The Oniads are the basis of Appendix XVIII and the Great Zugot of Hillel and Shammai get explained in Appendix XIX.

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