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OK, you're more than a little ahead of me. I'm still writing the book and while doing so, I'm also re-organizing it for web reading. In the meantime, you can access parts of the book as follows...

  1. Introduction

  2. Author's Notes & Revision Notes

  3. The Book (Parts One - Four)

  4. Appendix I - Nazoreans

  5. Appendix II - Mary

  6. Appendix III - Joseph

  7. Appendix IV - Jesus

  8. Appendix V - Customs & Laws

  9. Appendix VI - The Messiah

  10. Appendix VII The Jewish High Priesthood

  11. Appendix VIII Explaining Jewish Royal Lineage

  12. Appendix IX - The Family of Jesus

  13. Appendix X - Chronology

  14. Appendix XI - John the Baptist

  15. Appendix XII - James the Just

  16. Appendix XIII - The Jewish Temple

  17. Appendix XIV - Characters

  18. Appendix XV - Places

  19. Appendix XVI - Sects and Groups

  20. Appendix XVII - Gospels and Ancient Writings

  21. Appendix XVIII - Onias and the Land of On

  22. Appendix XIX - Hillel and Shammai

  23. Appendix XX - Gnosticism and Jewish Mysticism

  24. Appendix XXI The Apostles and Disciples

  25. Appendix XXII - Judean Politics in Year 1

  26. Appendix XXIII The Apostles

  27. Appendix XXIV Glossary of People

  28. Appendix XXV - Glossary

  29. Appendix XXVI - The Nozerim

  30. Appendix XXVII - The Sacred Trasures

  31. Appendix XXVIII - The Jewish Priesthood at the Time of Jesus

  32. Appendix XXIX - The Herodian Era and the Birth of Jesus  

  33. Appendix XXXII - Jesus and the Chalcis Connection

  34. ***What's New?***

Please bear with me, things are still new and under construction here. 

Please let me know if you have comments about or corrections for this web site.


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