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The time has come! After decades of slow progress, things are coming together. I have restructured significantly, so it you arrived here expecting a list of appendices, you may be confused. I decided that the foundation needed to come first even if people may not read it first or find it very interesting. I needed the material, so the book is now three books: Jesus in Context (the historical and cultural appendices linked and re-worked), Jesus and the Nozerim (the story with a few related appendices), and After Jesus (from Ebionites to Christians with related appendices). 

Book One is currently available in the review edition (below). The book is "complete" but is offered here without some of the ancillary material so that reviewers may utilize its links.

  1. General Introduction

  2. Author's Notes & Revision Notes

  3. Book One - Jesus in Context [DOC] [PDF]

  4. Book Two - Jesus and the Nozerim (Parts 1-4)

  5. ***What's New?***

Please bear with me, things are still new and under construction here. 

Please let me know if you have comments about or corrections for this web site.


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